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Innovation in Sedation.

Let us elevate your clinic to the next level of care for your patients.


NovaSed offers the full spectrum of anesthesia management, going far beyond just administering sedation to patients. We want the experience to be fulfilling, not frustrating for our partnering clinics. In an effort to establish the highest quality sedation model in your clinic, we offer the following services:

Anesthesia administration and staffing
Patient assessment and post-procedure follow-up
Clinic sedation safety evaluation
Provision of clinic-specific protocols and procedures
Inventory management assistance for anesthesia-related items
Education of staff on sedation-related items
ACLS and BLS instruction for staff
Consultation services, including sedation marketing and strategic business planning

NovaSed contracts only highly skilled and fully credentialed anesthesia professionals. The administration responsibilities of managing those professionals are entirely handled by our corporation. Our anesthesia professionals are dedicated to patient care from beginning to end, completing preoperative assessments, administering the anesthetic, recovering the patient, and even confirming that a postoperative evaluation has been completed.

While the staffing is obviously crucial to the administration of sedation, there would be no need without a sound infrastructure in place. That infrastructure begins with a clinic evaluation and subsequent recommendations on how to create the safest possible environment for anesthesia administration. Protocols and procedures, specific to the clinic and with that clinic’s needs and cases in mind, are developed and maintained by NovaSed, congruent with the laws of practice and standards of several nationally respected professional organizations. When it comes to the supply and inventory of anesthesia-related items, NovaSed is here to help. While we do not purchase or own any of the items as a company, we will be with you every step of the way, providing complete inventory lists, notifying the clinic of necessary items to be ordered, and offering advice on manufacturers of anesthesia items and pharmaceuticals.

NovaSed strongly promotes a culture of safety and awareness and is committed to making your staff as knowledgeable as possible when it comes to sedation. We offer relevant anesthesia and sedation education to your staff and will even complete American Heart Association ACLS and BLS certification on site for you and your staff members. Offering sedation in the clinic setting can include any number of other considerations as well.

Marketing, strategic business planning, and consulting on any sedation topic are available at any time. NovaSed has assisted in the design and deployment of a number of sedation marketing strategies, even helping some clinics in the creation of sedation sections on their webpages.

Our goal is to make sedation a service that you can offer smoothly, seamlessly, and with as little stress as possible. We will support your clinic in any capacity in which we can lend a helping hand.


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