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Solutions for Dental Sedation.

The comprehensive sedation management system designed for your clinic.


NovaSed, LLC is a unique development in the administration and management of dental and oral surgery sedation. We provide comprehensive anesthesia services both for clinics currently offering sedation and clinics considering the possibility of doing so. Our company employs highly trained anesthesia professionals who will design a safe, effective, and cost-conscious sedation for their patients.

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NovaSed offers the full spectrum of anesthesia management, going far beyond just administering sedation to patients. We want the experience to be fulfilling, not frustrating, for our partnering clinics.

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If you currently provide sedation as a service, you know how difficult and time-consuming some anesthetics can be. With NovaSed, our anesthesia providers manage the anesthetic from beginning to end.

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Chances are, you have questions. The good news is that we have answers. Explore our FAQs to learn more about our sedation services and how we can provide added peace of mind to you and your patients.

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NovaSed, LLC is committed to providing comprehensive anesthesia services to dental and oral surgery clinics while maintaining a safe, effective, and cost-conscious model of sedation to patients. We accomplish this by designing clinic-specific programs utilizing highly-skilled anesthesia professionals to optimize sedation delivery to patients.

Not only does NovaSed supply the anesthesia staffing for sedation services, we provide the full spectrum of sedation-related support. Design and implementation of procedures and protocols, management of anesthesia-related inventory, education of staff in sedation and anesthesia topics, and even the ability to provide ACLS and BLS training on site are all services NovaSed can offer.

All of our services are designed to fit your clinic and are specifically tailored to your needs and the needs of your patients. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all when it comes to safely administering sedation. Let us help you get started, or enhance your current sedation delivery system today.

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Please contact us with any questions and we will promptly respond. We sincerely appreciate any opportunity to discuss our service at length or meet in person.

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