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Let’s face it. Patients have higher expectations now when it comes to the quality and depth of their sedation than ever before. Various high-profile cases have put sedation and anesthesia in the spotlight, making patients understandably concerned about their care. In addition, some patient populations present challenges when it comes to designing a functional anesthetic.

There are certifying programs, educational seminars, conferences, updates, and a litany of support systems designed to help dentists and oral surgeons when it comes to the administration of sedation to patients. But in a day and age when time is precious and no one wants added risks, why not let our anesthesia professionals focus on the sedation?

That is exactly where NovaSed comes in – the alternative method of sedating your patients. If you currently provide sedation as a service, you know how difficult some anesthetics can be – the time spent in preparing a patient for the procedure, waiting for medications to work, and the additional effort consumed in monitoring and administering sedation while completing a dental treatment plan. With NovaSed, our anesthesia providers manage the anesthetic from beginning to end, starting long before the patient sits in the chair by completing a full preoperative evaluation. No more waiting for oral sedatives to take effect, which means your time and the time of your patients can be as efficient as possible.

And if you have always been intrigued by the concept of administering sedation, but hesitated due to the risk or the cost of doing so, NovaSed can help you too. No sedation certifications required, no memberships or annual conference updates. We will assess your clinic for its readiness to accept sedation patients, design protocols and procedures specifically for your practice, assist with the initial inventory, and then provide the anesthesia professionals to do the job.

Furthermore, your patients will appreciate the partnership with anesthesia professionals solely dedicated to the administration their sedation.

In fact, many of our patients seek out clinics where anesthesia providers are utilized and, as a result, become long-time patients for many years to come. It’s no secret that patient satisfaction is key when it comes to the success of any business, so let NovaSed help you accomplish the goal of complete satisfaction.

Ultimately, NovaSed is committed to providing any clinic, regardless of current sedation practices, with all the tools necessary to support a safe and effective sedation model. We can propel the current sedation portion of your business forward, or start from the ground up and build the ability to sedate patients into your profile of services. The net result is more time in your hands, less stress and frustration, and a whole new world of patients waiting to benefit from optimal sedation.


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