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What kind of costs are associated with using NovaSed?

When we begin providing services to any clinic, regardless of whether or not they currently administer sedation, we perform an assessment of the facility from an anesthesia perspective to ensure that sedation can be safely administered. In addition, standard protocols and procedures are designed specifically for the needs of that clinic in regards to the sedation administration, in line with your state and various professional organizational requirements. There is a fee to complete these objectives, but it may be different for various clinics based on their specific situation. No charges will be applied without knowing beforehand and it is usually easier to discuss options in person.

What is the cost to the patient, and how do patients pay?

The providers that NovaSed partners with are committed to maintaining the lowest cost possible without affecting the safety or the quality of the anesthetic. We have standard fees that are very competitive and have been thoroughly researched. The patient pays the clinic for the entire procedure, sedation included, at the standards of the clinic’s specific billing agreement. This prevents the need for confusion and multiple billing statements for the patient. NovaSed subsequently invoices the clinic on a regular basis for the charges incurred by patients completed in the billing cycle.

Does insurance cover any anesthesia costs?

Insurance coverage can be a moving target. We have found that many insurance companies will provide some coverage, but perhaps it is not significant or can only be claimed once a year. As with any patient charges, it never hurts to ask, and in our experience, many times there will be an adjustment.

What kind of anesthesia is used by NovaSed anesthesia providers?

Our anesthesia providers are employed by NovaSed as contractors, meaning that they all have permanent jobs elsewhere, usually in a standard hospital environment. They are skilled in multiple anesthetic approaches, which makes them ideal candidates to respond to any situation that might arise in the clinic setting. That being said, however, in the outpatient dental setting we employ an intravenous anesthetic, using a combination of specific anesthesia medications through an IV to render the patient calm, comfortable and provide a smooth, patient-specific anesthetic. No breathing tubes, no general anesthesia, just someone there who can utilize a number of different medications and techniques to make patients happier and more comfortable.

Does NovaSed provide anesthesia for pediatric patients?

In line with many industry standards, NovaSed considers patients over the age of 15 years old to be adults when it comes to the administration of sedation. That is, of course, as long as they have parental or primary guardian consent prior to the procedure until they turn 18. As stated above, our anesthesia providers interact with all ages on a daily basis, so we would absolutely consider partnership with a clinic that has a need for more pediatric sedation.

How are the credentials of the anesthesia providers managed?

NovaSed has strict guidelines on maintaining proper licensure, health and immunization records, insurance, BLS/ACLS/PALS certification and all other forms of credentialing. These matters are maintained by NovaSed, and copies of all pertinent information will be provided to the clinic. In addition, we expect the highest level of medical malpractice insurance from all of our providers, and we have both corporate insurance coverage and worker’s compensation for all of our contractors. This prevents any burden on the part of the clinic to keep up with the records of the professionals employed.

I do not have a dental or oral surgery practice in South Carolina, but I am interested in partnering with NovaSed. Does NovaSed partner with clinics outside their home state?

Currently, NovaSed maintains contracts only within the state of South Carolina. However, we have researched markets in many different states and would certainly partner with clinics nationwide. Please contact us wherever you may be practicing, and we will be happy to evaluate the process in your state.

Does NovaSed work only with general dentists or specialists as well?

NovaSed partners with all types of dentistry and oral surgery practices. There are no limitations or restrictions based solely on the specialty of a clinic. That being said, we are also very aware that every specialty will have individual requirements and expectations when it comes to sedation. We take the individual needs of all specialties into consideration in order to deliver the best service possible.


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