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Non Nova, Sed Nove.

Not new things, but in a new way. – Latin proverb


One of the founding partners of NovaSed was approached by a dentist about providing sedation for patients at his clinic on a regular basis. While the dentist currently administered sedation to patients and enjoyed doing so, he began searching for ways to maximize the sedation efforts at his clinic. So, instead of simply providing sedation for patients, a new concept was born – a comprehensive approach designed by anesthesia professionals that encompasses all the considerations of sedation administration in the dental office setting.

While we strongly support the administration of sedation by dentists, we also realize that there is room for an alternative service that is able and willing to navigate all the challenges that accompany such a large endeavor. Therefore, Non Nova, Sed Nove – a latin proverb that means, “Not new things, but in a new way” – hence, NovaSed. And that is our approach – we have not created a new sedation technique or form, we have simply re-evaluated the approach or process as a comprehensive anesthesia management service.


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